June 21, 2024
INiTS, Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone

Agenda & Content

21 June 2024

09:30  Registration

ML and AI Introduction  
- Overview of AI Build and Deployment Lifecycle  
- Data and Data Processing  
- Major Model Types: Decision Trees, Linear and Logistic Regression, ANN/DL  
- Pipelines of Transformations  
- Tests of ML Artifacts  
- Monitoring and Live Experimentation

ML Infrastructure and Operations: Introduction and Investment  
- Data Infrastructure  
- Model Infrastructure  
- Test Infrastructure  
- (Post Deployment) Experimentation Infrastructure  
- Build vs Buy Considerations

AI Journey for Organizations  
- Lifecycle of AI Develoment within Companies: From Zero to Excellence 
- Pillars of AI Offering: Infrastructure / Products, Consulting, Training, Research  
- Stages of Scaling AI Offerings for an Organization

LLM and Gen AI Introduction, Opportunities  
- Large Language or Vision Models as Parametrized Memory  
-- Open Source Weights vs Closed: Considerations on Control  
-- OpenAI, Llama, Mistral, etc.  
- What LLMs are good at: Summarization, Few Shot Learning  
- Problems of LLMs: Halluzinations and where do they stem from  
- Specializing Large Models to Particular Company Data:  
-- Retrieval Augmentation  
-- Fine Tuning  
-- Use Cases  
- Trends: From Large Language Models to Modular Small Model Pipelines

Ethical and Legal Considerations for AI 
- How and Where Biases Creep In 
- Robustness in AI solutions 
- Adjusting your AI Testing Strategy for Increasind Regulatory Oversight 
- From Test to Control: The Path Ahead 
- Peeking into the EU AI Act
16:15Interactive Part, Q&A
17:00Cocktail and Nibbles
18:00Open End