October 9, 2023
Europe/Vienna timezone

Webinar Material

Here you can find the presentation slides and the video:


1. Eva_Gergely_LLM_Webinar.pdf

About Large Language Models (LLMs) 
2. Simeon_Harrison_About_LLMs.pdf

Trustworthy AI – EU compliance 
3. Sabine_ Koeszegi_ AI_Ethics.pdf

Customising LLMs to non-English languages 
4. Bryan_Cardenas Guevara_Dutch_LLM.pdf

GPUs for your LLMs: train your model on a supercomputer 
5. Simeon_Harrison_GPUs_for_LLMs.pdf

How to fine-tune an LLM – short demo 
6. Soner_Steiner_LLM_on_VSC5.pdf

Link to GitHub by Soner Steiner


Recording of the webinar
Customised AI: Train your own Large Language Model (YouTube)