November 27, 2023 to December 11, 2023
Europe/Vienna timezone

Course Material

Lectures and hands-on labs will be done directly on the VSC Jupyterhub and the Jupyter Notebooks will be visible after login with the trainee user provided. We will explain how to access the VSC Jupyterhub in the morning of the first day and how to download and use the Jupyter Notebooks in case you prefer to do the hands-on labs on your local system.

In addition, you can find our course materials on our gitlab. However, be aware, that we will update the content at the end of the course.


Course material for Phthon4HPC (gitlab)


Single-node (shared-memory) vs multi-node (distributed-memory) parallelization (slides 9–19) 

                      commands shown in the notebook:   
                                           import os   
                                           print(os.uname()[1], os.sched_getaffinity(0))  

                      commands shown in the terminal:
                                           numactl --hardware  
                                           sinfo -o %P --cluster vsc4  
                                           sinfo -o %P --cluster vsc5  
                                           sqos --cluster vsc4  
                                           sqos --cluster vsc5